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Komende Workshops:

JAM 21 April




Gabriel Figini


The Mind is not in the Body,

The Body is in the Mind


(Based on principles of Chi kung,

Bioenergetics and Sacred Geometry)




What is Training A?


Human-Potential is bringing  Gabriel Figini's “Training A”  for the first time to Europe. A training that intends to explore Self and the possibility to express it in a coherent way through Feeling, Thought an Action.  He invites us, through meditation, music, partner work and geometric dances, to look behind the curtains where movement, the passion that makes you move, takes place .This passion is wherever your heart is, be it dance, theater, music, martial arts, sports, relationships, business, etc.

Have you thought about how coherent is your Self behind those actions?

Who might be interested?


The Seminar is aimed at those interested in learning and improving themselves. 


The goal is to rediscover the coherence between thought, feeling

and action. 


Do you fall in any of the below descriptions?:


  • Are you working with your Body, Heart/Mind and/or  Soul in any way?
  • Are you looking for something to trigger the feeling of integration and to be in Oneness within your Self and without?
  • Are you tired of experiencing separation, lonelyness, anxiety, stress and drepession in your life? 
  • Are you helping other people with the issues mentioned above?
  • Are you looking for new ways to inspire yourself?
  • Are you an Artist looking for deeper ways of expression?
  • Are you a Martial Artist or in Sports, and your Body is your work instrument?
  • Are you a Business Manager?

    Then I have a special consideration for you:

    Living in a world where hard skills are highly needed, it is very easy to overlook soft skills that can make a difference in your business.  Soft skills are related to how good we understand our human nature and with how much congruence we are able to express it, so that others can relate more easily to us and in doing so, improve our impact through our communication skills.

    Coming from inside out is a very much used cliche, but now people are appreciating more and more authenticity in our interactions, and contents.  Why don't we begin to look into our own substance and see how our perception of it can make a difference in everything else we do?

    If you are curious to explore this aspect of life, you are welcome to join us on the Saturday 20tth October in Hilversum.


    This Seminar might give you more insight to enrich your knowledge and confidence in your Self.


    Who has inspired this knowlegde?




    Let's contemplate this:


    What is the common belief about the body?


    That the body is a portion of matter subjected to a series of physical laws, and that is connected to the psyche through the brain and the nervous system. But also the shape of the body and the brain, their morphology and physiology, are the result of the mind, its patterns and dynamics.


    Every mind is a whole and all the minds are just one mind, so the belief that a part of it is physical, and not mental, is a fragmented interpretation.

    If the body is brought under the purpose of the mind, it becomes a whole.


    Unity brings peace, fragmentation produces tension.

    Health is therefore nothing but united purpose.

    So the best use you can make of your body is as an instrument to expand perception till you reach the vision that the physical eye cannot embrace.

    Learning to do this is the only real use of the body.


    "Man has no Body distinct from his Soul, for that called Body is a portion of Soul discerned by the five Senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age."


    William Blake





    From 09:00 to 18:00


    Gentle exercises on the floor for breathing and movement


    1. Discern within tension and negativity vs. relaxation and positivity

    2. Renew and revitalize areas of the body with negative storage

    3. Become aware of the link between breath and the light of the senses

    4. The harmony of body and mind returns the body as a whole.


    Module 2: ALIGNMENT

    Physical exercises for alignment and adjustment (chi kung)


    1. Recognize the center and the axiotonic alignment

    2. Apply symmetry and geometry to the body

    3. Perceive the ways of energy flow

    4. The model of the microcosmic orbit


    Module 3: BEYOND THE BODY

    Gentle exercises performed in pairs in standing and sitting position


    1. Perceive the other as a living presence

    2. The other is the door to a new perception

    3. Experience the morphic resonance of the body

    4. Health perceived as purity and innocence.



    Dances in geometric and circular movements


    1. Relaxation and Intensity

    2. Recognize the potential of the moment

    3. The power of joint action

    4. The strength of joy and singing.



    About Gabriel Figini:




    Gabriel Figini is from Argentina and lives in Buenos Aires, where he has his Practice for Training A (Entrenamiento A), and personal coaching.


    He has worked on body oriented therapies (Feldenkrais, Alexander, Eutony, Dances, etc) for more than thirty years.


    He is a bioenergetician and a transpersonal therapist.

    He is a Martial Artist, Tai Chi and Chi Kung instructor.

    "The value of Martial Arts lies in their deep philosophy; without it they are simply a fight of egos to prevail".


    He is a musician and uses music as part of his training.

    He has carried out an applied Martial philosophy programme in schools and companies such as YPF, Telecom, Italabia and Arcor, among others.


    He has been a professor in the Dance-theatre major at Rojas Cultural Centre (Buenos Aires City Government) and the University of Belgrano.


    He has also worked as a body therapist in psychiatric clinics and hospitals.

    He is interested in Sufism, music and art.




    Reviews of Seminar 20-10-2012



      What were the most important things you got out of this Seminar?


      Returning to the Chi in myself.

      The movements which connect the Left and the Right Brain.

      The depth and timing of the exercises to really learn them.

      To trust the energy in and out of the body.

      To feel the oneness (through sound, movement and confrontation).

      The exercises, a fine way to feel beeing in the body.

      The more simple the exercises the beter.

      How I could stay by myself while being with others.

      The stiffness in my lower back is less.

      The pain in my neck is gone.

      Nice to know that the eyes and tongue are connected to the neck.

      I needed guidance for the exercises with concentration and counting involved.

      The central circuit, the body axis. To mind the central line while moving.







      The peace while working with energy and the peace while working with each other.

      The healing work

      The Tai Chi movements

      The energy exercises in pairs, specially looking into each other's eyes.





      To let go and get more into a flow.

      To breath


      To let go of tension

      A lot of energy

      Peace of mind

      New ideas

      Awareness of my body

      Keeping and returning to focus whithin.

      Reconnection with my body.

      When you are relaxed you feel better the blockages in the body.

      To dance

      Learn to relax

      To control the energy

      To enjoy movement

      To make contact with others

      To let go



      On a scale from 1 to 5 did this event meet your expectations?  Why?


      5   Gabriel is a person of integrity and wisdom.  This is a great gift to us all.

      5   Good energy, positive atmosphere, different exercises, variety.

      6   It brings Body Work and Sufism together, a great match for me.

      5   A nice combination of different disciplines, displayed in a way that brought us to what

           was promised in the title of this Seminar.

      5   I got more knowledge about interaction of Body and Mind

      4   Very inspiring, one point off for the cold floor and sometimes I couln't hear everything

           Sorry I had no expectations, I came totally free and let me be surpriced by the day.

      4   The exercises were exellent, I was a bit nervous while not knowing what to expect.  The

           exercises in the floor also a bit chilly.

      5    Because of what happend in my body as a result of the exercises

      4    I liked it very much, also that you took the time for the exercises

      5    Because I didn't have expectations


      5    Good structure of the different parts and exercises, lovely music, specially the piano,

            drum and flute.

      5    For all I learned

      5    The settings and organization were perfect.  The contents of the workshop has given me

            tools to use to improve breathing and turn the focus within.


      5    I learned a lot

      5    The day felt complete


      I would also like to say....


      Good to have Gabriel return to Holland.

      Thank you for the whole happening.

      I can help if you want to organize a retreat, I think more Sufis would be interested.

      It was a very nice day. I feel very relaxed.

      Thank you for a wonderful Seminar! I hope to see you back in Hilversum.

      Please come back!

      You are wonderful people and uplifting spirits!

      I did enjoy it! I love movement and connection with myself and others.

      Thank you very much for this opportunity!

      Thank you very much!

      Thank you for this wonderful day, it has given me more energy and see things from

      another point of view.  Perception is key!!

      I found it very educational and I will definitely come if Gabriel is back in The Netherlands.

      Words cannot express what the experience brings.  I feel very warm in my heart and connected whith myself and with all other participants.

      Thank you!

      That is was great meeting you all and to perform exercises in a group, bringing the attention back to myself.

      Nice person Gabriel.

      Thank you!



      Check our Photo Gallery!!


      We will keep you posted for the next time.











    © 2008 Marcela Astete